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The future of aging should not be a story of survival – but one of living.

Shades of Grey is a brand new podcast jointly produced by Unconventional Ventures and Rhetoriq. It is a collection of stories from a diverse universe of entrepreneurs and thought leaders, using their collective power and intellect to change the narrative of aging. It is a testament that technology and innovation should be inclusive and age-agnostic. It is a call for action – for the society to not to just focus on the short-term gains, but on what can be done for the long-term well-being of all.

We hope that their stories will inspire you, and spur new ideas, dialogues, and actions.

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Kindle Human Connection w/ Voice


Musings of an Impact Investor


Financial Fraud Prevention for Seniors


The Conscientious Banker


Accessibility Re-Imagined


Unintended consequences of digital banking

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Rise of the star and the crescent moon

Islamic FinTech.png

The next frontier: Islamic finance


Good force for social impact


Inequality is not inevitable

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Learning from the Far East


Our future beyond algorithms


Global lessons thru Indian fintech


Food on the chain

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Digital transformation in banking

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Digital transformation In India


Lessons from the land of the rising sun


Building blocks of Prosperity


In this episode Dave chats with Theo Lau about how Voice can enable access to technology in previously excluded groups. This includes younger children who can speak but not read and write yet as well as older generations who have seen technology as a barrier. Voice enables all generations to easily engage with technology seamlessly, and naturally. Listen here


  • Which fintechs have been the most disruptive?

    • Brad shares with Penny Crosman his top picks in online lending, wealth management and other categories. Listen here...

  • Forget millennials: Baby boomers need app innovations, too

    • Theo shares with Penny Crosman why financial companies and fintechs should pay more attention to the over-50 crowd in their app designs and how a few fintech startups address this market. Listen here...

breaking banks

  • Banking’s Anti-Aging Cream

    • Startups and incumbent institutions alike focus their digital efforts on Millennials. This generation is digitally native, but does that make everyone else a digital deadbeat? Far from it! Fintech is opening a host of opportunities for financial institutions to meet the unique needs of an aging population. Jason Henrichs hosts Theodora Lau and Brad Leimer, discussing fintech for aging. Listen here


  • Humanity, Algorithm, and Empathy: The Future Model of Financial Services

    • How will the future model of financial services be delivered and how can analytical tools leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning create new forms of customer value? Illustrated through examples and use cases from big techs and banking industry, we will explore how financial institutions can build trust and empathy and create deeper emotional connection between brand and customer. Watch the webinar here