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When AI Becomes a Part of Our Daily Lives

What might happen if AI becomes more contextually aware and empathetic? Imagine that one day this ambient technology knows us so well that it can act as our personal CFO and continuously help us get to the best financial outcomes over time, based on its knowledge of our household, our life choices, our health, and our longevity. Will we trust it enough to make decisions for us automatically? (via Harvard Business Review)


A voyage of optimism from the city of angels to mountains of clouds

Great ideas are powerful only if opportunities are available to develop them – just like the seeds of a plant that need sunlight, nutrients, and water to grow. While talent is equally distributed, opportunities are not.

How might we work together to find a way to close the gaps that many still face, to inspire positive change in each of our communities, and to ensure that we can all aspire to a brighter future for the entirety of humanity? (via FinTech Futures)


Digital Transformation in Banking & the Need for Inclusivity in Design

The path to inclusivity is intentional and thoughtful, one through which will serve as our guidebook to address the needs of not just our own community but far beyond. As the society progresses with digital transformation, we must seek to include the invisibles of the society – the immigrants, the aged, the women, and the poor. It is by designing through their eyes and through their voices that we can meet the imperative of being truly inclusive. If we care to look deeper, we might have more in common than we realize. (via Smart Payments)